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{Video} Ify Live: My Memories of Foremost Filmmaker Amaka Igwe


I won’t forget in a hurry, my discussion over the phone with this woman who was responsible for a programme that brought families together in the evening just to watch “Fuji House of Commotion”

For her 57th posthumous birthday, Google celebrated her today with a doodle that has kept everyone talking about her and it also moved me to share my special moments with this very thorough and astute professional.

Woman of Substance was always and still is about women in the lead and those succeeding and excelling in their various professions or vocations so I found her number and called her up, that was in 2010!

“Hello, good afternoon ma’am” I said and she replied “good afternoon” so I went on and introduced myself, I said to her that I wanted to interview her on my programme Woman of Substance and I wanted her views about activities and the workings of Nollywood. “Okay” she replied and asked for the details of time and date, I quickly gave her those details then I asked her “can I get your office address so that my crew can plan to come over? What she said to me next threw me off balance and left me numb!

“I can see you are not ready for this interview, when you are ready, you will sniff around and find my address” so I had to end the conversation with “ok ma’am I will do just that”

As that discussion ended, too many things were racing through my mind, why will she do that to me? What is wrong in giving me her office address? Why not say you don’t want to do the interview instead of posting me like a letter with a 50 kobo stamp?

The questions just kept ringing in my head but as I sat down to think about it when I got to the office, playing back in my head, the discussion we had on phone, I realized she was relaxed while we talked, we had a banter when she asked for an idea of what issues I wanted to discussed and I said to her that I don’t do rehearsed questions which she “okayed” and we laughed about it so there is no way this woman is trying to discourage me. She simply wanted to teach me to “go the extra mile” and I did, months after and the interview happened!

She called me the day that interview went on air on TVC, she said “I am glad i did that interview, thank you for coming”

She shared a lot of things and I think TV stations should take a look at what she said about how they manage their airtime.

Watch the interview here and don’t stop because you will see how emotional she got when she was talking about Madam Toun Oni and how she planned to immortalize her but death robbed her audience of that opportunity!

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