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Veteran Broadcaster, Bimbo Oloyede Says Broadcasting Is A Service Rather Than A Favour


By Charles Kalu

Veteran broadcaster and Communications Expert, Mrs Bimbo Oloyede is calling on broadcasters to see their vocation as a call to service.

She decried a situation where Today’s broadcasters feel that they are doing a favour to their audience rather being humble and appreciating that; “the listener and viewer are doing a favour to the broadcaster”.

Mrs Oloyede who is the author of the book; “Strictly Speaking” urged broadcast journalists to always upgrade by reading and training themselves.

“They should invest in themselves. Nobody is going to take it away from you once you know it”.

Bimbo Oloyede who joined the drama department of the NBC TV on the 1st of September 1975 said; “there’s is a process that you have to go through as a broadcaster or broadcast journalist. You have to understand that you’re a messenger and the purveyor of a message and the message is more important than the messenger”.

Mrs Oloyede who was paired with the late Ikenna Ndaguba to anchor the NTA network news in 1976 explained that;” so much discipline was involved in learning to speak well. They should realize that it takes practice and continued practice as it’s not something that actually stops. There’s no short cut. It’s continuing and sustained practice”.

She reminded presenters that; “there’s a process to prepare for a programme presentation. It’s not adhoc. Everything is properly planned for your show to fall in place”.

The Ace Broadcaster who read the NTA network news alongside

personalities such as Ikenna Ndaguba, Mike Enahoro, Bode Alalade, Sienne Allwell Brown, Vera Ifudu said they were literally monitored all day round to ensure that they gave their best in broadcasting to the Nigerians and the world.

According to her; “it’s a crime to mispronounce words or murder any name without looking back”.

She appealed to broadcasters to take the profession seriously saying “its a priviledge to appear in people’s homes through the television and for them to tune to listen to you”.

Ace broadcaster and Author, Mrs Bimbo Oloyede had the Candid Conversations with The Daily Report editorial team comprising Ify Onyegbule, Pelu Awofeso and Charles Kalu.

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