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Quotes By Ify Onyegbule From The Book – How Did We Get Here?


Have you read the book How Did We get Here? If you haven’t then you need to order a copy so you can understand some of the Mistakes that Radio Presenters make and why they have to guard against making those mistakes.

How Did We Get Here was presented Online on Wednesday May 27, 2020

Every day we are confronted with various challenges on the job as Duty Continuity Announcers, Presenters or On Air Personalities (as they are called today), sometimes we are confused about what to do in various circumstances and when we take that step or make that move, it may be that something has gone wrong with that 1 move.

How Did We Get Here is a book for Broadcast Journalist who work as Presenters on Radio.

There are a few quotes from the book to guide you on the job if you work on Radio or TV as a Presenter or OAP.

Feel free to use these quotes in your daily writings and conversations.

1 “If you mess up, your fans may lose respect for you in a heartbeat; you may not get the roles you want anymore and someone can replace you”

2 “Self-branding, like fame, just doesn’t happen overnight; it is a well-calculated, well-planned effort”

3 “Seek knowledge because it helps you to blend-in during conversations with other people”

4 “If you want to grow on the job, you have to keep an open mind and remain green so that you can continue to grow”

5 “mentoring is key for any young presenter who wants to go far on the job”

6 “as a young presenter you have to grow on the job and your station is the platform you need to carve a niche for yourself”

7 “To stay afloat, presenters had to be creative and come up with original content”

8 “getting angry and becoming flippant or rude won’t earn you any respect”

9 “Pride and ego are two key traits that affect our judgement and attitude to work with our colleagues”

10 “taking that vacation will help you take a critical look at you and your work on a different pedestal”

11 “Never hold on to any job like your whole life depends on it”

12 “The “Conty” (Continuity) is a sacred place that should never be left un-manned”

13 “A dint of hard work and learning the ropes, prepares you for the fame and money that comes with plying your trade”

14 “Money just doesn’t start flowing from the very first day you get on the microphone”

15 “Proper breathing is amazing in its ability to strengthen your presence on the job”

16 “As a Radio Presenter, everything you do in the course of your job is about timing and you must take it as serious as it is”

17 “I listen to my Competition; my Rivals and I listen to what other stations are doing”

18 “Everyone’s contribution is valuable to the overall output of the station, no one works or walks in isolation”

19 “You don’t want to end up daily, looking like that Presenter who never smells nice, the one who never brushes his teeth”

20 “Can everyone be a presenter? No, because it goes beyond having a good voice, a good face or a killer body”

21 “People place so much importance to their names and we must make efforts to know how these things work”

22 “A good, well-written and defined script will help you put forward your issues clearly”

23 “The boss who is a professional understands that there are no sentiments when it comes to performance on the job”

24” Never start out a conversation with “Can We Meet You”

25 “People get distracted even while they are at their duty posts”

Do you have your personal quotes? Drop them in the comment section and please share this post. Thank you!

This is for you, if you are a Presenter, On Air Personality, Duty Continuity Announcer or you intend to come into the Broadcast industry in these various capacities on Freelance or Full time basis, this book, “How Did We Get Here” will help you understand what it is to be Unique, Special and Gifted in the craft of Journalism.

You can order the book for N4,000 only by making a Transfer to 1002133134 (Zenith Bank) with the name Ify Onyegbule and texting your delivery address to 08026265478.

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