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Listen, Attentively And See Things With The Mind’s Eye


Thank God we made it into the New Decade that kickstarts with a new day in 2020! Lets stick with the year just so we chunk it into sizable imaginations that fuel reality!

How good are you at listening? How sensitive is your ear when people talk with you? Does your sense of hearing come more alive when “gossip” is involved or when someone is unburdening their heart to you?

How well do you pay attention while someone is trying to point things out to you?

Leo Buscaglia sai “too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a LISTENING EAR, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”

How can we make sense of what someone is saying when we are not paying attention, when we dont listen, when we are only interested in giving a tailor-made answer?

How can a “date” be perfect when someone who is out on a date with you is talking excitedly and you are busy with your phone, not actually present in mind right there on that date…that is rude!

Many have woken up to find that their child made a grave mistake just because they never had the time to listen to what that child had to say because they were always in the rat race chasing after money, finances that cannot get them out of the perpetual disgrace that neglect has caused them!

In anger you put your ears on “lock-down” so that everything your spouse or partner says is hitting a brickwall and bouncing away! Just so you know, there is always someone outside who will provide that soft-landing by giving a listening ear, a warm pat on the back, a peck on the cheek, a warm rub on the hand, an offer of a glass of water or warm milk and that could lead to sweet love making cos nature abhors vacuum!

A younger colleague at work is trying to show you a better way to get something done but your pride will not let you listen because you believe you are older and more experienced on the job but you forget that the 1st house on the street is not always the most beautiful…! Bear in mind that Listening is an important component in how people judge communicative competence in the workplace so you watch it!

Your parents are talking to you to explore certain possibilities because they have gone that route but you wont listen for you think you know better than the ones who gave birth to you! As parents they are always there for us with that listening ear when we come back heartbroken or disjointed in our thoughts!

Someone you call your friend tells you something that may not tally with your conviction but you fix an imaginary wool in your ears and what they say is gibberish to you just because you think you know it all…Why not listen? You dont have to act on what they say if it doesnt fit into your plans…just listen!

Your lover suddenly realises why he or she cannot be with you…because of A, B, C or D just so both of you can take a decision and move on but you are not listening because you have planned the wedding in your head and you want to stick with that facade so people dont laugh at you

That still voice is saying something to you but you are more interested in the noise around you because you want to live your life by public opinion!

I can go on and on, how we can hurt ourselves and others by not LISTENING to what they are saying to help us make clear decisions but i will let you chew on these, hoping it will help you cultivate the habit of listening more…instead of just hearing what is being said then launching with your answer!

May God open our ears and our mind’s eye this year as we make decisions concerning our lives!

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