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#IfyLive: Daily, In Lagos, We Ride On Death Traps Not Buses


It has been years I got on a danfo bus, years i mean, a rickety one at that and as I hopped on the bus, so many things were going on in my head, my mind was racing, my senses were heightened and all of these were triggered when i watched the driver “throw” what seemed like a seatbelt over his chest such that whoever is checking won’t even know it is not latched!

I said to myself, who is deceiving who? Does he even know the significance or importance of the seatbelt? I dont think he does! I kept looking at that area where the driver was positioned and it simply meant to me that a lot of Nigerians or Lagosians ride on coffins on wheels, these are death traps and indeed the V.I.O has failed in its job of checking cars that are road worthy!

While i was lost in thoughts about the box we were holed up in with the door “secured” by the rope you see here so it doesnt drop off when it unlatches, the voice of this woman jolted me to reality!

A pregnant hardworking woman who probably doesnt have the money to rent a shop in a society that has failed her and many others such that she makes a living selling whatever on the rickety death trap called a bus!

I was shocked because this woman stood confidently as the bus bumped in and out of potholes and she just kept on with her marketing skills!

What if something crazy happens? I kept asking myself, this woman is danger, she does this everyday yet someone says to her “be proud of your country”…how?

Then there are faces of folks who left home probably earlier than i did cos they were looking tired and dejected but they had a mission to earn that daily bread!

Shall we continue in sin that Grace may abound?🙄

I can’t seem to get the picture of that woman out of my head!

What a sad reality!

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