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Ify Live: Value And Premium, Peas In A Pod


I actually wrote this for the last Saturday of 2019, if it was your wedding, congratulations is in order! If you got dumped by your loved one, best wishes is appropriate because you were saved from a greater heart ache!

I am sure you had so many plans for 2019 and may be you didnt see yourself doing the very important things because you decided to major in the minor…many confused persons do that but it doesnt make you stupid, it only shows you have not learnt your hard lessons to do what is important to you!

I am a firm believer that only you can stop you from succeeding so the time to tame yourself, debrief yourself, restructure your inner-man and face reality is now because no one is going to do it for you!

Quit putting others before you, you may think you are not important but you are, you just need to look at yourself from the place of value and place that premium on yourself, the person who deserves you will come, you just have to prepare to be the best copy of you!

Talking about value, how much of it do you place on yourself in relationships? Do you put yourself down like a mat and your partner tramples on you? Do you find that the man you think you are dating only calls out to you at night when he wants to go to bed just so he can ride you and ejaculate? calling you a cab to take you home early in the morning because he doesn’t want anyone to see you?

Is that how bad you have let yourself slip? Why stick with a man who is not proud to introduce you to his friends or family, his children (if he is divorced) or his co-workers? Simply means you are not good enough for him or important to him for that matter so stop wasting your time and find the man who would love you warts, brown teeth, stretchmarks, birthmarks and all…there are men who want you just the way you are and if you keep patching things up with the one that plays “hide and seek” with you…the real man for you will never find you! Remember no one sits in a chair that is already taken…there must be a clear “vacancy” before anything or anyone takes that place!

What have you decided to do this 2020?

Perhaps you want to think about walking far away from people who make you feel less important, people who never drive you to succeed, people who only talk down on you before and behind you…the idea is run far off, infact delete them from your list and heyyy dont be afraid to let go of toxic persons, you need your sanity in 2020

This tricky one has held many down for too long, he gives you money or she gives you comfort in her home, you drive her car, she buys you clothes, he feeds you, gives you money to buy whatever you want but all he is interested is sneaking you in and out of his bed…just because that is the only good thing he sees in you…how long do you want to continue like that? (Only you can answer this)

Let’s talk about your work, who sits and slaves all year round without a stream of income from anywhere? Why subject yourself to the rigors without getting a reward for your hard work? Do you want to continue like that in 2020? There is something called positive thinking, speak it and believe it…the work of your hands will announce you….remember there must be a good job that you are known for! Stop selling yourself and your skills cheap! Find a need, meet that need, get paid for it, pat yourself on the back and keep earning the rewards!

There is no other name for being a good friend, it is either you are one or you are not. Quit talking bad about people and concentrate on fixing your own miserable life instead of throwing your “friends” under the bus just so you can have an imaginary halo on your head! You are what you are, people can see through your lies and it will come tumbling like a pack of cards someday!

Try minding your business in the new year because your first class amebo attitude might bounce back and bite your pretty butt and you dont want that!

Again mind your business and stop calling your Ex who decided to marry someone else, let him enjoy his new home because he needs to starve his distractions of which you are number 1.

Ehennn, those of you agbaya who “meander” upandan peoples timelines, munching stuff and sending to your masters like the lapdogs that you are, warn yourself o because the walls have ears and you will be disgraced before you know it!

This new year, before you fight your boss, be sure you have another job or you have acquired skills that will keep you from going hungry…if you are the type that the organization is managing and you are fighting your supervisor or your boss, then you are setting yourself up for a disastrous end!

Truth is bitter but we must continue to swallow that bitter pill so that it purges us of those vices that taint us from time to time!

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