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How Productive Can You Be After Spending 9 Hours In Lagos Traffic?


So i left home today (Tuesday Nov 5) at 5.30am for an appointment in Badagry only to get there at 10.30am🙄🙄🙄 rushed what i had to do and headed out at Noon. I got home at 4pm and it simply means i spent 9 solid hours in traffic…and you know what? I still cant understand how people survive doing this everyday!

How productive can anyone be, spending 9hours in traffic?🙂

How can children concentrate with the chaos they encounter to and fro each day cos of bad roads? My heart skipped a bit today seeing 3 children (all girls) and sisters on a bike going to school and i simply prayed for God to keep them safe, i couod see how the eldest one took charge and held on to the other 2 while the crossed the road to the other side!😶

Is it that government doesnt know that the road is bad? Is it that there is no money to fix the roads? Is it that they simply decided not to do anything about those roads?

It is a big shame that the road where you have the Agege Local Government Secretariat and the Agege Stadium is a mess with embarassing potholes! How di we get here?😭😭😭

I cannot understand how people are meant to go through so much hardship in life, you find that people get older than their age because they are completely stressed!

We cannot continue like this and the Lagos state Government needs to do something! Do it fast!

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