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How Did We Get Here? Is The Malaise Of The Present Generation Of Broadcasters -Dr. Patrick Oke


“People need to read this, it will help a lot of Broadcasters get the kind of orientation they should have”

Those were words of encouragement from Dr. Patrick Oke, a Persuasive Communication expert and veteran Newscaster as he called for self-assessment with practitioners in Broadcast journalism.

Dr. Oke, a former newscaster and Presenter on Newsline on the NTA in the 80s was speaking while assessing the book “How Did We Get Here?” during Candid Conversations with the Author, Ify Onyegbule and the Daily Report Crew in his home in Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Patrick Oke speaking about standards in Broadcast Journalism

He decried the standards obtained in the industry today where he mentioned that anything goes because the audience had become standardless and the practitioners no longer put in efforts to produce and present “great content like it used to be back in the days”.

Dr. Oke said it had become disheartening that advertisers now controlled the content on Radio and Television which should have been the other way round and practitioners have become more interested in money than the content they dish out to the public.

He likened the book to a dossier detailing the malaise of the present crop of presenters who feel that they know it all.

Dr. Patrick oke with Author, How Did We Get here? Ms. Ify onyegbule

Dr. Patrick Oke called on young presenters to think about forging their roots when people still know and trust them, so that they can have something to fall back on when they get off the job or retire.

Find below some quotes from Dr. Patrick Oke.

“Everything you said on air was listened to and assessed because you could get sacked for mispronouncing a name. You had the mandate to get it right”

“Today many Broadcasters are not conscious of any standards, anything goes”

“It detracts from your credibility when you try to sound unnatural on air”

“The Nigerian Audience is no longer discerning, they have become standardless”

“Double Banking in Broadcasting is so important because you have to learn on the job”

“The Federal Government stations have not moved forward, the standards are terrible”

“These days no one wants to make sacrifices, they just want things delivered to them on a platter”

“Ify you do not fend for yourself while you are in broadcasting, you will end up being a pauper”

“As a Broadcaster and someone who is known, you expect things to flow towards you and hinders you from being proactive”

“Young Broadcasters should know that this is the time to forge their roots because when people know you, they tend to trust you”

“I am not popping around the world anymore, this time I am trying to pop the idea that young people can change this country with ideas”

“Nowadays, once one or two people recognize you on the streets, you are a star and after that you feel there is nothing else you need to learn, you are already a start but what kind of star are you?”

“If you need to be a star, it must first be to yourself and that means owning the best that you can be for yourself”

“The book How Did We Get Here is the malaise of the present generation and people don’t do self-assessment anymore because they feel they know it all”

“Be perpetually unsatisfied with your performance, that’s what we say in broadcasting because the minute you begin to be satisfied, you have stopped growing”

“People need to read How Did We Get Here because it will help a lot of Broadcasters get the kind of orientation they should have”

“Be good with what you are doing, whether there is immediate reward or not, just be good at it because you owe it to yourself”

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