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Covid 19: Like Madagascar, Nigeria Can Develop A Cure -Prof. Maurice Iwu


Nigerian Professor of Pharmacognosy and Chief Executive Officer of Bioresources Development Group (BDG), Prof. Maurice Iwu has reiterated that Nigeria has what it takes develop a cure for the SARS Coronavirus.

Professor Iwu was a guest on The Daily Report on Star FM in Lagos, Nigeria on Monday May 11, 2020 and he touched on the issue of his claim of a cure for Coronavirus amongst other things.

“It is not a claim, what we gave was information, we had encountered SARS Coronavirus earlier and we had tested some compounds in collaboration with the National Institute of Health in the United States and there were some compounds that were active against that particular virus so from logical perspective, we believe that the Compounds will be able to handle this particular virus better”

“Two of the plants that produced the Compounds are ingredients in an already existing tea which is called the IHP Detox Tea. The pure Compound is a well-known compound that is active against the SARS Coronavirus and we were drawing attention that it is safe, well studied and well known. It is also important for people to know that our IHP Detox Tea is a NAFDAC registered product which people are already using since 2016 so it is not new, it is an info we were just passing across”

According to the renowned prof. of Pharmacognosy, “there is also a Pure Compound that can be developed into a drug and we were only asking, sometime ago that that it should be speeded up so that we would be able to save lives and help more people because the compound reduces the replication of the virus and the body will take care of itself”

While reacting to the question of a Nigerian remedy for Coronavirus, Prof. Iwu who led a team of researchers and presented a plant-based patented treatment for COVID-19 to the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu confidently said “Yes, the IHP Detox Tea can be used as a post-exposure prophylactic because it is tea and easier to handle unlike the what you have in Madagascar”

Professor Iwu decried the delay in speeding up the process in a health care crisis such as the Covid 19 ravaging countries. He said “we have a National Issue like other countries, authorities should step in and speed up the process, it doesn’t mean you don’t pass through the procedures of the regulatory agency”

On the Madagascar Covid Organics, Prof. Iwu said “for me, the importance of the Madagascar Organics is about it being an African Pride, the fact that an African Country can boldly lay claim to say this is what we are using and it works for us, not minding what any other person says about it”

“I am so proud of them, as an African to say this is our medicine and until we prove them wrong, they are right”

While reacting to the Federal Government’s Response to the information he put out for the Cure for Covid 19 in Nigeria, he said “we are not too much into government, this is a free market, an open society and I am affiliated to some Pharmaceutical companies so we can develop the Compound or Drugs at our own pace. My issue is that there is an emergency, a healthcare crisis where in this development can be fast-tracked like it was done in Madagascar, mark you, this compound can be developed with or without Prof. Maurice Iwu because you don’t discover nature, nature is there, we only passed an information”

In fighting the disease, Prof. Iwu said “Nigerians eat natural and healthy food and it helps to boost our immunity, Covid 19 has come to stay, it will be subdued, the people will build immunity to it and they will survive, I just urge everyone to observe all safety measures and adhere to all directives set out to fight the spread of the virus”

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