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Broadcast Giant Femi Sowoolu Endorses How Did We Get Here, Gives History Of The Term “OAP”


The Chief Consultant FMProductions and former MD of Jamz FM, Ibadan, Mr Femi Sowoolu has commended the author of How Did We Get Here? a book about 25 mistakes that Radio Presenters must avoid.

Sowoolu who announced his retirement from Broadcasting after 44 years, gave the commendation during a chat with the Author and host of the Daily report, Ify Onyegbule in Surulere, Lagos.

He said the book is coming at a time when many young presenters come into the profession without an idea of who they are and what is expected of them.

Sowoolu mentioned that there were more than 25 mistakes but the issues talked about in the book will drive home the point for anyone willing to learn and grow on the job.

He picked on the chapters and related it to some of the actions that he took as a young broadcaster who thought he was famous during his time until his boss helped him redirect his thoughts with respect to the job.

During the Candid Conversations with the Daily Report crew, Sowoolu gave a history about the term “On Air Personality” (OAP) which many young presenters call themselves today without knowing it’s origin. He said the term was coined by another veteran in the industry, Mr Jacob Akinyemi Johnson (JAJ) of Rhythm FM in Lagos, back in the day when the station came on board and they needed a unique way to address themselves.

Mr Sowoolu recommended How Did We Get Here for everyone willing to make a change and grow in their various professions.

Mr Femi Sowoolu with the Daily Report Team, Ify Onyegbule and Pelu Awofeso

Find below, Quotes from Mr. Femi Sowoolu, drawn from the Candid Conversation on The Daily Report.

“It’s important to have a voice but you have to be more than a voice, there must be content that goes with that voice”

“The term OAP belongs to Jacob Akinyemi Johnson (JAJ) because he came up with the coinage back in the day in Rhythm”

“A good bunch of persons who call themselves OAPs today have no personality at all”

“If everyone is playing music on radio, who is teaching the people? Which station is teaching history?”

“Advertisers cannot determine what happens on radio, advertisers are supposed to buy into what the radio station is doing”

“In 44 Years, I have never, ever, ever, ever gone on air without a script because I plan weeks ahead for my show”

“Starting an interview with “may we know you sir” simply shows you are not prepared”

“Gate-keeping has been relegated in the profession, square pegs in round holes is what you see and it has affected the running of the business”

“You don’t have to like everyone but you have to friends to get the job done!”

Mr Femi Sowoolu Making a point during Candid Conversations

“I am not just a voice, I never want to be addressed as just a voice”

“Why do stations prefer to employ people with accents? I really don’t understand it.”

“A good presenter or broadcaster must have a good diction, you have to pronounce words clearly.”

“I will never forget Momoh, he is my standards in broadcast journalism, he was a master, impulsive and never went on air without a script.”

“Don’t do something because of likes and accolades, do it because it is the right thing.”

“I am a Brand, everyone is a Brand, are you a good Brand?”

“The station is You and without the station there is no YOU so you have to respect the station”

“Mispronouncing a name simply shows you are disrespectful because you need to make efforts at pronouncing it correctly.”

“You need rest, you need peace, you have to take a break as a Presenter, to refresh.”

Author “How Did We Get Here”, Ify Onyegbule during the online presentation of the Book.

“Money is nothing, young presenters need to know that giving money all the attention will make you lose all the other benefits surrounding you.”

“How Did We Get Here is something I will recommend for every individual”

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