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TDR Poll: Covid-19 is real, but lockdown achieved little

Ify Onyegbule reporting from the Agbebi Market, Ijeshatedo, Lagos

Reporting Coronavirus, exclusively

In the past couple of weeks, The Daily Report has dedicated its news gathering, website reporting and radio programme exclusively to discussing issues around Coronavirus and Covid-19. So every weeknight (7pm-8pm), host Ify Onyegbule is at the Star FM studio to educate our growing audience about important local and global developments on the subject. As a media organisation, we consider this to be a public service.

This hour-long broadcast is often complemented by fieldwork, which is essentially The Daily Report crew visiting various parts of Lagos State to observe how residents and people are coping with the Stay-At-Home directives of the government and how they are complying with the preventative guidelines.

In the early weeks of the lockdown, Ms Onyegbule led the team to the much publicised Isolation Centre built inside the national stadium in Onikan.  At the time of our visit, it was yet to be staffed and there were no signs that patients had been admitted.
An edition of TDR live streaming

Field trips, live streams

Ify Onyegbule and Pelu Awofeso reporting from Ile-Epo/ Abule-Egba axis of Lagos

As part of our in-house Covid-19 agenda, we have also kept tabs on the operations and diligence (or otherwise) of persons designated as being on essential services.

Our field trips have also included a series on live streams from various locations, including Ile-Epo/ Abule-Egba; Ijeshatedo/ Lawanson; Alausa/ Ikeja; and Ojota/ Ogudu axis, to mention but a few.

But having said these, we have been inspired a great deal to do what we do by the growing number of our listeners, whose numbers have grown significantly over the course of the lockdown.  Same for the hundreds of subscribers we have in The Daily Report Arena, a WhatsApp community where members share ideas and have healthy debates. Their commitment and feedbacks over this period have been immeasurable.

And so very recently, we sought their takes, thoughts and opinions on various aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic by way of a poll conducted via our Twitter handle. From almost three weeks of reporting the disease, we realised that a lot of questions have come up that needed answers, many instances of doubts about the truth or otherwise of the presence of the disease in Nigeria; the failure and success of governments at all levels (especially with respect to the food relief distribution and cash payments to the poor and vulnerable), and so much more.  

Ify Onyegbule at the Star FM studios, just before the programme goes on air

The TDR Poll

The poll centred on these and more. Please, see below for the poll questions and how our listener-participants responded.

To the question, “Do you believe that #Covid19 is real?” (100% said Yes);

To the question, “Do you have a facemask and do you know how to keep yourself safe with it? (95% said Yes, 5% said No);

To the question, “Would you say there is enough awareness of #COVID19 in the cities and rural communities?” (27% said Yes, 73% said No);

To the question, “Would you say the media in Nigeria has reported developments of #COVID19 sufficiently?” (64% said Yes, 36% said No);

To the question, “Are you satisfied with how government has managed the #COVID19 situation so far?” (22% said Yes, 78% said No);

To the question, “Are you happy that the #COVID19 #lockdown has been partly lifted?” (25% said Yes, 75% said No);

To the question, “Will you support a second wave of government #lockdown measures to prevent the spread of #COVID19?” (54% said Yes, 45% said No);

To the question, “Do you believe that there are actual #COVID19 patients in Nigeria?” (81% said Yes, 19% said No).

To the question, “Are you bothered that names of #COVID19 patients are not made public?” (23% said Yes, 77% said No);

And finally, to the question, “Would you say the weeks of #lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja achieved the expected results?” (33% said Yes, 67% said No).

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