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Journalism Is About Content and Delivery


Young journalists have been advised to pay attention to content before dishing out information to the public.

The assertion was made at a 1-day training session on “Navigating your space in the studio, the newsroom and on the field.

According to one of the 3 facilitators, Mr Pelu Awofeso, a CNN Award winning journalist who took participants on his journey of almost 2 decades as a travel journalist said “there are so many Apps you can use on your smartphone to edit videos and in writing your story, you decide what point of view your story will take and exactly decide how long the story will be”

Awofeso gave different elements that come together for a good news story, pointing out that it is important to jot down every detail while on the field because the tiniest detail could be the puzzle in the story.

For Mr Charles Kalu, a Newsroom veteran of over 2 decades  “you need content that makes sense because it is not everything that you gather from the field must be put in your story, it is about identifying the angle of the story and utilizing the content you have” he said.

The Team Lead of the Truespeak Broadcast Academy, Ify Onyegbule whose session bordered on Public Speaking and Presentation skills, said “as a public speaker you need to know that there are intelligent people in your audience and being a good public speaker goes beyond having a good voice or a good face but about the content and the technique of delivery.

The highlights of the training was the opportunity given to the Participants to make presentations of 3minutes about a topic of importance and relevance to them, a practice that was geared towards helping them build confidence in the area of content gathering, packaging and presentation.

The training which took place on Thursday September 26 at the LCCI, Olowopopo drive Alausa Ikeja was organized by the Truespeak Media Academy, Nigeria.



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