Home News 2019: NBC Urge Media organisations to promote peace

2019: NBC Urge Media organisations to promote peace


By Jane Onuoha

Media owners have been called upon to deploy their medium in promoting national unity and cohesion during and after the general elections.

A university don, Ayobami Oyebode made the call in a paper presentation entitled :”Divisive Rhetoric, Hate speech and inciting comments ” at a workshop organized by the National Broadcasting Commission for electronic media outfits in Lagos. 

He emphasized on the importance of gatekeeping as an important method of sieving information and verifying news sources. 

Prof. Oyebode who is also the Head of Dept of Communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan reminded gatekeepers of their functions of mentoring, instilling discipline, training and retraining their staff and most importantly applying the provision of the Nigerian Broadcasting code in their work. 

Prof Oyebode was of the opinion that properiotors of media houses should agree to an undertaking that their stations will not be used to promote religious disunity, hate speech and inciting comments. 

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